20mg Liquisun


Liquisun Melanotan 2 works by using the body’s own tanning mechanism to mimic the body’s own pigment generating process in order to develop a natural and long lasting tan it has never been so easy and convenient.
2 x Melanotan 2 (vials)

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The weather outside is dry, rainy and stale. But you don’t have to worry about that we have just the thing for you that will leave you looking like you just stepped of the tarmac from your holiday at a beach somewhere exotic. The answer is Melanotan, if you haven’t as yet heard of it, that’s not a problem – We are here to answer all those questions for you.
What you need to know is that you will always look like a bronze god!
20mg Liquisun Melanotan 2 increases your body’s ability to respond quickly to its natural tanning process, that’s right no need to go to a tanning spa or sit out in the sun with all that harmful UV for hours to get the right tan. Our mantra is, avoid that and get Melano- taned!
Stimulating your body’s tanning response, you’ll end up looking refreshed and won’t believe the looks you get while walking down the high street.
We offer a complete set for regular use along with useful information you can read through to get more acquainted. Of course our first and foremost concern is for your well-being. Improve on your looks today!
2 x Melanotan 2 (vials)


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